The Midnight Darkness Overhead



The midnight darkness overhead,
Paired with raging skies,
He walked up to the olden house,
Filled with broken lies.
For his childhood had played out here,
The house once full of life,
Now t’was nothing more than ruined filth,
Filled with pain and strife.

The leafless trees with eerie shadows,
Reflect among the night,
Wilted grass and crusted dirt,
The soft glow of moonlight.
He walked towards the rotting door,
Once so clean and grand,
It scraped across the frame when moved,
Sound echoed through the land.

hauntedUpon entrance to the house,
That smelt like dirt and dust,
A coldness through the open place,
Eliciting disgust.
The decades of abandonment,
Shown through rotted wood,
A small flicker of regret,
How long the house had stood.

The door slammed shut behind him,
As wind blew through the air,
Fear unlike he’d felt before,
Wood creaking from the wear.
A shadow crept across the wall,
Towards where he now stood,
A silhouette moved closer in,
Run right now he should.

An inhuman screech echoed loud,
Yet he stood frozen to the spot,
This shadow, ghost, was furious,
Be here he should not.
It darted forward with gusting wind,
Flitting across the wall,
Right at where he watched with horror,
Causing him to fall.

He felt strong emotions radiate
From the shadowed ghost,
Anger and eternal gloom,
The house its anchored host.
Everything was aimed at him,
His existence the thing despised.
Yet the door was locked and he was trapped,
In the place the spirit lies.

The silhouette of that the shadow,
He realised was but a child,
Its soul trapped in the olden house,
Sent the spirit wild.
But as he began to recognise,
Who this lost soul was,
He knew he shouldn’t have moved away,
This was his family’s cause.

Parents forced him from where he lived,
His soul caught in the mess,
Unable to fight against their will,
Despite his plain distress.
For everyone has their inner demons,
This one was of course his own,
The spirit of an abandoned child,
Taken from his home.



Jessie wrote this themed poem for a school task.


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