Cats & Dogs – Our Favourite Hello

catsCats and dogs were written down to be the companions of man. Best friends with the human race, always loyal, always there. That was the way the world worked, and that was the way we liked it.  

They weren’t just our ‘pets’, they were our friends. Companions we could rely on to cry to and not expect any judgement or neglect in return. Everyone loved the company of cats, everyone loved the company of dogs. The promise of undying friendship between two different species. Upon receiving the gift of such a promise, a puppy in a box or a kitten in a bag, each was as exciting to be given. From the moment you meet the eyes of the tiny creature you will form the strongest of bonds with, joy reverberates through your body and you cry in delight.  

Your new furry friend curls at the base of your bed, the same position they will sleep in every night for the rest of their life. It’s adorable, and it goes from being extremely cute to just the norm. They sit on your lap as you watch the telly and follow you around the house. They yell at you to feed them, and sometimes outright annoy you! Yet you wouldn’t want it any other way.  

Family and friend’s come over often. Our cats and dogs revert from the attraction of the house to merely another friend to talk to. Your mother will sit next to your cat and pat her while rambling nonsense. Your friend will utter a casual ‘hello’ to your dog. That’s the way it remains for many more years to come.  

And then it all comes crashing down, because cats and dogs don’t live as long as humans do. And as you pet your cat to sleep for the last time, you learn the true meaning of the hardest goodbye. 



Some things just fill your heart without trying 


4 thoughts on “Cats & Dogs – Our Favourite Hello

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    1. I’ll tell Jessie you said so, thank you. She’s been struggling with the loss of her Nanna and Pop’s cat who was a year older than she was. They grew up together I guess and Jessie’s the only one Suu Kyi didn’t ever bite or scratch! That, combined with the love for our two cats prompted this story I think.


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