Through the Looking Glass Mosaic

This was a fun little mosaic to make, measuring 29cm in diameter. I worked on it whilst waiting on a stained glass order, and contemplating colours, for my upcoming Pond Life mosaic.

I didn’t want this one to be too busy, so decided on a simple design with just a little bling with the glass gems. In saying that, I did want to have one stand out feature – flowers (so I could practice cutting daisy petals!)

Made on an MDF board, I used the remaining green triangles from the Rainbow Dragonfly, stained glass strips, regalia glass strips, glass gems, and vitreous, silverfoil and glitter tiles for the flowers.

My quality control officer was on duty when it came time to grout and she overlooked the whole process. I haven’t been fired yet, so I’m assuming my work is acceptable.

This mosaic is for sale both in my Facebook shop and Etsy store.

$60 plus postage.

Recommended to keep out of direct sunlight to avoid the silverfoil and glitter tiles fading.

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