Spectrum – For Sale

I’m really pleased with how Spectrum has turned out, although I ended up making some changes to the original outline design to make it my own.

I’m enjoying making these abstract pieces that are bright and colourful and full of life. I’m becoming more comfortable with using bold colours and think I’ve found my favourite style.

It can be a slow process, choosing designs and colour combinations as I go, but I’m too impatient to plan it all out beforehand! Working on different sections at a time as I decide what to do keeps the process interesting, making it impossible to get bored with the piece.


‘Spectrum’ is made using a variety of glass tiles and gems, mirror tiles, glitter tiles, silverfoil tiles, regalia glass, stained glass and vitreous tiles.

On a black painted pine frame, ready to hang.

16″ x 20″


Free domestic shipping to Australia. Overseas postage rates apply.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Post will be updated with payment button once I have access to a computer. The iPad has its limits!

Or you can visit my Facebook shop, Meisha Mosaics.

5 thoughts on “Spectrum – For Sale

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    1. Hi Carol Anne! Thank you so much. I think of you when posting but because my patterns are quite abstract it’s hard to describe them, except for colour. I’m enjoying making them bright, so I hope you get a picture ❤️😊


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