I’ve begun work on my next mosaic, ‘Spectrum’. The inspiration for this one has come from Julie Edmunds ‘Head Dress’. I admire Julie’s colourful work and aspire one day to have that talent with use of colour.

I do love using bold, vibrant colours and varied tesserae types, and have just had some regalia glass sheets delivered that I plan to use in my mosaic.

Regalia glass sheets

The flu got me this week and I haven’t done anything on this until this afternoon. The only addition to the feature image is the zig zag, to which I still need to add in the triangles. I think this flu was that one in 10 year knock you out flu, and with my daughter just as sick as me, we’ve been a haven of germs!

Zig zag needing filling in

After losing 20-30 hours mosaic work this week, I’m sure tomorrow I’ll have my mojo back and will get stuck in. I’ve some tile deliveries to pick up from the post office as well, so I’ll do that first. New tiles always give inspiration!

Hopefully by this time next week it’ll be finished!

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  1. You are coming across in giant leaps and bounds now Kat, excellent job and huge kudos and brownie points to you for sticking with it and finding a passion again – true self preservation and mindfulness 🙂

    Sorry to hear you have the damned flue though.

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    1. Thank you so much Rory, I appreciate your kind words. Yes, it truly has become a passion and I’m learning all the time. Also grateful for the positive distraction it allows me 😊
      Thank you, it was an awful flu, but just have the lingering cough now thank goodness.

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  2. I love it! I’m sure it will turn out awesome. Glad you are feeling better, I’m sorry you were sick! Where do you order your tiles and glass from? I’ve ordered some from online, because you can’t always find what you want at craft stores. You’re right, new tiles always give new inspiration!

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    1. Thank you! I order mainly from The Mosaic Store and Mosaic Tiles Australia for my stained glass pieces. Some Bunnings sell a good range of glitter and mirror tiles too. I do like The Mosaic Store as they have a rewards program and often run sales which I’ve made the most of!
      I picked up my new tiles and feel like a kid in a lolly store! Still, I’ve done more thinking than creating lol. My head’s still a bit hazy!
      I must check out your seascape and see where you’re up to 😊

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        1. It’s really great because you earn points with every dollar you spend, then you can use those points to get discounts on future purchases – up to 25% off. They’ve just upgraded their website so have a 20% discount sale at the moment. I make way too much use of the sales lol! 😉

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