Mosaic for Thundabox

I’m making this mosaic for a friend of mine going back to my teenage years. Pete and another old friend, Michael, are in a punk rock band called Thundabox. They’ve released a couple of albums and were part of the pub band scene for many years.

Pete’s been a great supporter of my mosaics so I wanted to thank him with something I hope he loves. Music is his life (along with their chickens), so I’ve copied the font the band used on one release of merchandise, and had some photos of the boys made into 10cm x 10cm tiles.

It’s very simple, and dark, compared to my last mosaic which has caused me some angst, but it is actually what I had pictured in my mind and decided to go with originally. And representing a punk rock bank, I doubt bright pinks and blues would’ve been quite the right look. Black and grungy is the style.

As always, where there’s a mosaic, there’s a cat. Ji in particular loves to sleep on them. And I may or may not be guilty of putting off working on a mosaic so as not to disturb him.

I did consider using coloured grout to brighten this up a bit, but decided to stick with black as I want the text and photos to be the focus. Thankfully I’m happy with the outcome.

I’ve painted the frame, so once the grout has had 24 hours to cure it’s off to Pete in Melbourne 🙂

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