Mosaic Wall Decor

I was asked on Facebook if this one was a wall decor. “Wall decor” – sounds very la-de-da doesn’t it! So to make myself sound more artsy fartsy than I actually am, I’ve taken onboard this new terminology. No longer do I make old fashioned ‘wall hangings’. No, no. I’ve moved up in the world, I’m getting with the times, and so mosaic wall decors are now what I make!

My Work in Progress that I was making for my brother, is finished and now home with him. Thankfully he loved it, and is looking forward to getting it hung on his feature wall.

I really enjoyed making this one, and seeing it slowly come together.

There is such a variety of tesserae I’ve used, including transparent white iridised stipple stained glass that I’ve coloured using Viva Inka Gold paints. It’s fun and easy, you just paint the back of the glass and let it dry.

Viva Inka Gold paints

I also picked up a fantastic tip which made gluing down the small tesserae so much cleaner – use a syringe filled with glue. The plunger makes it easy to control the amount of glue dispensed, then cover the tip in cling wrap when not in use to prevent the glue drying out. A very cheap and effective solution to glue wastage!

Syringe for gluing small tesserae

Before grouting, I was worried about the petals in the middle section as they got a bit lost amongst the surrounding tiles…


…but it’s amazing what grout does to bring out the definition of the tiles.

Black grout used

Now onto the next project!

22 thoughts on “Mosaic Wall Decor

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  1. That is so absolutely cool! I love your new term “wall decor”. I bet your brother will be so proud when people comment on this, and he will say “My sister made that!” 👍Also I love the idea of a syringe with the Weldbond. I do waste an incredible amount of glue with my method! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you 😊 Haha, yes, it’s a great term isn’t it! My brother loved the mosaic thankfully, so I’m looking forward to seeing it on his wall now.
      I used to waste heaps of glue too, and the syringe makes life so much easier. I also read another tip that vinegar gets rid of any little bits of grout on the tiles and gives them a nice shine. And it works!

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