I made this mosaic for Nita’s adopted granddaughter, who’s recently had her eighth birthday. Naturally I wasn’t organised in time, so I’m sending the heart I just made for her baby sister, and this one, together as gifts as birthdays are special, and it’s not the same if little sis gets a present too. Maybe I’m over-thinking it, but I just want everyone to be happy.

With pink and aqua blue her favourites, choosing colours was easy! It was time for another circular shape, so the base was also was an easy choice.

I’ve used hot pink silverfoil triangles to border the circle, with cute, patterned millefiori dots between the triangles. If you zoom in you can see that some have little hearts on them which I thought she might like. The inner border of that is made from strips of mirror tiles.

The background is a crescent moon with aqua blue stained glass, with pink stained glass backing the circle that is left by the crescent moon.

Popping out from the background (is the idea anyway) is a large flower with darker blue and light pink stained glass petals. Surrounding that flower are 12 other smaller flowers of varying sizes, in hot pink, light pink, silverfoil aqua blue, an iridescent blue, and orange. I’ve then grouted with black grout and sealed with a grout sealer.

I painted the back a dark pink, and wrote around the edge, “A little birdy told me, that you like pink and blue, and so I thought [her name], that I’d make this for you.”

The only precut petals I’ve used in this one are to make the large flower. The petals on the second largest flower were cut from 2cm tiles so I was able to get a much better shape than I did using the 1cm tiles – as you can see! I drew the shape on the back of the tile and used my wheeled nippers to cut them out. If I was cutting them from stained glass I would’ve used my glass cutter, which gives a smooth sided petal.

I did have a mishap with one of the tiny silver squares coming off as I was grouting. I did as suggested and dug out the grout, glued it down with super glue, and carefully grouted again. But you can’t wait forever with grout and of course it came out again when I was wiping the excess grout off, despite my best efforts. It looked like it was missing without it, so I did what most ‘mosaicers’ probably wouldn’t do…cut a new tiny weeny shape, cut that in half width ways (a task and a half!!!) and glued it back onto the grout. I’m sure you’ll be able to pick it. It stands out like dogs balls to me! But what do you do?! Making up more grout for such a minuscule space didn’t seem practical. I only hope my little remedy is acceptable!

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