‘Boho’ Style Mirror Frame

I’m currently working on another mirror frame – this time square, 12″ x 12″.

I did the side features without too much doubt, also using Inka Gold, Platinum under the transparent stained glass strips I used. I wanted to see the finish when using the Inka Gold as a paint on timber as well so experimented a little on the frame. After buffing it has a lovely sheen and a silky feel, so will use it on a project I’m not going to grout.

Being happy with those parts of the design, I then took some time to decide on what to do around the rest of the frame. I tried a few different ideas, and second guessed myself after seeing some of the amazing mosaics in facebook groups from first timers!

I lost a bit of enthusiasm, doubting myself, but reasoned myself back onto the path. I reminded myself that I make mosaics because I love it, and that is really all that matters. Yes, I’ve put them up for sale, but I need to make things I like otherwise I feel pressured and out of my depth – which I don’t want. I’ve been trying to make things I think would sell, and it was my wise daughter who pointed out to me to stick with making mosaics I like.

So that is what I’ve done. I wanted the feature tiles to be just that, so have kept the rest of the frame pretty simple. With just a few diamond shapes, and petals in the corners the feature tiles remain the standout focal point, which is what I wanted.

Just need to finish gluing, then in 24 hrs it’s ready for grouting

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