The Thing About Time…

…is that it waits for no man, woman or beast – no exceptions. There are no rewinds, no practice runs, no do-overs. What we do with each moment can’t be changed. Each moment will remain as it was lived.

We’re only given a limited amount of time on this earth, and a limited amount of time in each stage of life. The endlessness of time is not ours. The infinity of existence belongs solely to time itself.

Our clock starts ticking and we start ageing from the second we’re born; and our moments begin. How many we have we don’t know. But so often we take them for granted, not realising their value until later in life, or it’s too late. Some of us have used them frivolously, or gambled them, either believing we have a truck load more to go, or sadly, wishing they would stop.

Listening to ‘Time’ by Pink Floyd reminds me of the impermanence of each stage of our lives. For every one of us. The good, the bad and the magical all have an expiry date, opening the path for more good, bad or magical moments – but never are they the same.

Time for some things runs out completely, whether we’re ready or not. As I’m getting older and having to come to terms with not having fulfilled my wish of being mother to a pack, I’m feeling the limitations of our finite life stages. I love my daughter to pieces, and would’ve loved to have given her siblings as well, but time has beaten me!

We don’t have forever to achieve or attain the things in life we want, and I wish I’d had the insight and understanding I do now when I was younger – but hindsight’s just another paradox of life!

Pink Floyd – Time
Royal Albert Hall 2006

2 thoughts on “The Thing About Time…

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Yes, it was a very reflective post and written with acceptance, as I also believe things happen for a reason.
      You’re so right – without time we have nothing! And only she knows how much is allocated to each of us 🙂

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