Sorting Supplies

I’ve had a busy night tonight sorting out all my tiles so I could see what I have and to make finding them easier when designing a mosaic.

My daughter and I live in a small unit so I don’t have a craft room or space as such. I sit on the lounge to make my mosaics and grout them on newspaper on the lounge room floor. Previously I had my containers of tiles stacked randomly on my blanket box, some containers filled with smaller bags of petals and various shapes. When containers need to be stacked, finding what you need can mean having to move everything – and it’s Murphy’s Law that what you want is on the bottom at the back!

The storage boxes were half price today and are perfect for my needs at this point. I’ve colour coded and with clear boxes I can see everything. It feels very satisfying. I’m looking forward to making my next mosaic – once I decide what to make!

I have all my blues and greens together…

My reds, oranges, yellows, pinks and purples together…

And lastly my blacks, whites and mixed colour lots living in harmony together…

I need to find somewhere for these storage boxes to live now!! For now the cats are enjoying sleeping on them, and I feel organised and content, so they can float around the lounge room for the time being.

Meisha Mosaics

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