Going ‘Round in Circles #2

I started this one 8 days ago, and have struggled getting it finished – creativity level 0. I wasn’t happy with it at all, apart from the two large circles, and came very close to pulling it all up and starting again. My daughter helped me sort out some colour combos I wasn’t satisfied with and suggested a white background for something different to the other circular design mosaics I’ve made.

It’s definitely been trial and error with this one, having tried two other types of white tile and layout for the background, pulling both lots up because they just didn’t look right. The square stained glass tiles I used were the only other white tiles I had and I wasn’t sure there’d be enough, however they ended up being perfect – and with 5 tiles left!

I’m so glad I persevered because I’m really happy with the final colouring and layout. Now to begin gluing all the tiles down. Blu-tac’ing the pieces first makes the whole process very time consuming, but the advantage is that you can experiment and makes changes as you go along.

Then to grouting…the next big thing. The grout colour makes such a difference so I want to make sure I get it right. At the moment I’m thinking either gunmetal grey or cornsilk if I want to keep it light. Decisions, decisions…



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  1. *laughing* you sound just like me while trying to decide 🙂 Yellow, orange , blue, purple – I think any would look good. How do you dye your grout? Can you make up a couple of samples first and hold against the piece?

    I am also a beginner and I’m now getting frustrated because our teacher no longer teaches. I am only now just discovering waterproof grout for outside projects. Or you can apply a waterproofing solution…

    I was decorating some glasses with coloured glass… I then found I cut the pieces of mosaic too big and the edges are sharp… ouch. I can’t give them away as presents.

    You are welcome to share any of my posts. The more of who can connect the better 🙂

    I think to a certain extent we learn by doing.

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    1. Today I was thinking maybe purple lol. It’s so hard to decide, because as we’ve discussed, the grout colour can make or break a piece! A sample selection is a great idea, thank you!

      I’ve only coloured grout once before (on the pineapple I made) but am keen to gain more confidence colouring. I used acrylic paint, added while mixing the grout. For me it’s the cheapest and easiest way, and I was really happy with how the yellow turned out.

      That’s such a shame your teacher is no longer teaching. I’m hoping to do a short course early next year but to date am self taught via YouTube and Mosaic Tiles Australia has some great tutorials on their website as well.

      I wonder if you try using a sandpaper to smooth off the tiles around the glasses? That’d be such a shame if you couldn’t use them after your hard work. Every piece is a learning curve though, no nothing’s ever a waste 🙂 Learning by doing is one of the best teachers I think.

      Thank you for the okay to share. It’s fantastic to have another ‘mosaicer’ to communicate with 🙂

      Cheers, Kat x


  2. I like this. Is it going to be a picture or table top/mat? You are right about the colour grout. I was persuaded by the teacher to use brown grout for my tree of life and it killed the design.
    (I’ve still got to add more leaves 🙂

    As for your design as it’s abstract what about picking out one of the brighter colours so the flow of the grout around the titles becomes part of the design? It’s good to discover another blogger who is interested in mosaics.

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    1. Thank you. It’s a 30 x 30cm wall hanging. I’ve made errors with grout colour myself and it can make or break a piece can’t it! I love your tree of life and admire your persistence with it to get it right. It looks wonderful now, you’ve done an amazing job! Do you mind if I share your posts under my Meisha Mosaics menu?

      I’m so glad you have suggested a brighter co.our for the grout. I had been thinking a turquoise blue but have only experimented with coloured grout once so was worried. What do you think of turquoise? Or would and orange work better?

      I’m so happy to have found a blogger interested in mosaics! I’m just a beginner so am sure there is a bounty to learn!

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