Commissioned Piece for My 3rd Sale!

I’ve been asked by Nita’s sister, Kayla, to make a mosaic for her, similar to ‘Nita’s Garden’ that I made in her memory for myself. The only specifications are that it be in light blues (their favourite colour), and has her nickname on it.

I finally found another outlet to buy the bases in the size I needed, and have all the tiles I need, so started working on this new project last night. I’m loving it! I was anxious about how I was going to effectively do the lettering, and tried a few options, but have settled on beads looking the best. I do just want to move ‘Neets’ a bit lower on the board, I think it’s a couple of centimetres too high.

The flowers I’m happy with so far. Things often change around though, and I’m blu-tac’ing every piece before gluing, just so I can see how it all goes together as a finished piece. I need to make sure Kayla’s happy with it as well! It’s a bit nerve wracking getting a request as I can’t see the image that Kayla has in her mind, so can only hope she’s happy with what I put together. This is a special one, and I want it to be something Kayla cherishes as she remembers her much loved sister.

So it’s early days, and in my favourite stage – knowing my design, but choosing colours and tiles for their visual effect and texture as I go along.

November 28 – finished mosaic…very happy with it…

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