Patchwork Mirror Frame

This is the latest mosaic I’ve been working on. It will be sold with a mirror in it, not a tuxedo cat!!

I love how our boy, Ji (J-eye), took to this frame! He was determined not to get up and out, and I ended up just taking the frame up from around him. He wasn’t impressed with that and jumped off the lounge but I had to be firm with him when I put the frame back down to work on it – he wanted back in!! He is a gorgeous boy; maybe being framed made him feel revered and celebrated?! Only he knows…

I wanted to make a pattern similar to an earlier mosaic I’d made that I have on my wall. The colours are a bit brighter on this one, but the choosing of those colours and the type of tile used has been decided upon along the way.

I’ve been slow in getting this post done and the piece is ready to be grouted now, having sat up until 3am today finishing off. I was so keen to see how it all went together with all the tiles in place!

To create this mosaic I’ve used a combination of:

  • stained glass,
  • iridised tiles,
  • silverfoil glass tiles,
  • glitter glass tiles,
  • venetian glass tiles, and
  • gold streak glass tiles.


17th November – the finished product…

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Meisha Mosaics

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