Why Mosaics?

I’ve never thought of myself as having an artistic bone in my body, so what the hell am I doing throwing myself into any kind of art form?! And why mosaics?

Well, I was sitting waiting for an appointment, and was admiring a large mosaic that covered the front of the reception desk. I’ve seen mosaics before, but for some reason this one inspired me to give it a go myself.

Mosaic kit

Good old Google lead me to Bunnings where I bought a star mosaic kit to start with. I really enjoyed the whole process, including getting messy grouting. From there I bought some tiles and backings from Bunnings, smashed up a dinner plate (‘coz I needed white tiles), and made my first two original pieces…








…and a new hobby sprouted. I spend time on my projects each day and get so much out of each stage of creation.

I find mosaics really relaxing and fulfilling, even on the shittiest of days. The concentration it requires makes it very calming for me – all thoughts clear from my mind as I’m working on a piece. It gets me out of my own head and away from my swirling thoughts, allowing me some peace.

Carefully placing small tiles requires patience, and I enjoy being in a space where it comes easily. No part of the process makes me feel stressed – even my often least favourite part; deciding on the next design!! Most pieces simply start with an idea and I decide on the details as I go along. I assume true artists see the finished product before they’ve begun!! I’m a fly off the seat of my pants type of ‘artist’ (I say in a whisper)…artist, hehe. I’m just someone doing something they’ve found they really love.

Along with mosaics being calming and meditative for me, so a good move for my mental health, it’s also gratifying creating something that you’re pleased with. And if I’m not happy with the end result, I’ve still enjoyed making the mosaic. When others appreciate what you make, there’s an added hit of feel good hormones!

So I didn’t set out to make mosaics to sell at all. Even now I’m riding on the confidence of others. I wasn’t thinking at all into the future when I began, but they’re going to start taking over my small lounge room soon! I’ve had some really positive feedback and an Etsy store was suggested, so I’m giving it a try. Sales will enable me to keep purchasing tiles and continue on with a hobby that has so many positives for me.

Etsy MeishaMosaics



3 thoughts on “Why Mosaics?

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  1. I should perhaps should not have read the posts backwards.

    I can see this being quite relaxing. I recently read that one of the ministers of parliament here, unwinds from a gruelling day, by relaxing with Lego and he makes some truly remarkable pieces. He says the point of putting them together and then pulling a piece apart awards him greater min relation. I can see the same with the mosaics however at least when it is done, you have a finished and beautifully artistic piece.

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