Nita’s Garden

I’d wanted to make a mosaic in memory of Nita and was inspired by a recent photo of a pale flowering Iris Nita had given to her son and daughter in law.


Nita loved her garden and flowers, and I’ve included her flowering iris on the bottom left. I wanted the flowers to be bright and colourful, representing Nita, against the night sky, which represents our loss. There’s a balance of happy remembrance and missing her.


I’ve now finished gluing all the tiles and it’s ready for grouting. I can’t decide on grout colour, and really don’t want to fuck this one up.

I’d love to do a deep blue between the vertical tiles and black at the bottom, maybe leaving the iris white? I wish there was an app where I could photograph my mosaic and see what different coloured grouts would look like. That’d be amazing!

However it turns out though, this is one that’s going on my wall 🙂


Meisha Mosaics

8th November – Completed mosaic

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