#8 Today I’m Grateful For…

Today I was watching a documentary, The Champions, about the dogs that were rescued from NRL player, Michael Vick and his dog fighting ring. My daughter asked me how I could watch shows like that because they’re so sad.

Yes, they are very sad. Learning about what those poor dogs endured, and the fate of many others, was heartbreaking and made me cry. But I told her I watch programs like this is because it shows the other side to the human nature. Seeing these dogs rescued from their horror, being cared for with such love and patience, then finding their loving forever homes, melts my heart. The dogs change from terrified, mistrusting animals to ones who finally feel safe enough to trust humans again. It wouldn’t happen without the dedication and big hearts of these amazing people.

With so much negativity in the world, it’s so important to keep the scales balanced by looking at all the good as well.

Scaling down we can do this in our day to day lives by practicing gratitude. I’m finding it’s giving me time to balance my own thoughts and emotions which is really helping.

It’s impossible to have a negative thought when you’re being grateful 🙂

Today I’m grateful for:-

  • sleeping in
  • family
  • the beautiful souls on this earth
  • my daughter doing the washing up (!!)
  • Netflix and watching The Champions
  • our cats
  • volunteering
  • the support I’ve had from the acute mental health care team over the weekend
  • word puzzles
  • my washing machine
What are you grateful for today?


7 thoughts on “#8 Today I’m Grateful For…

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  1. That was a lovely video Kat, and l will be reblogging this. we have dog fighting over here and thieves steal dogs purely for that. I believe before Scrappy adopted me all those years ago, she had been lined up for dog fighting by some local travellers to where l lused to live. The beauty of the companionship of dogs to humans is that we save each other if we allow ourselves to be saved.

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    1. I hope you can find the time to watch the full documentary sometime too, see the whole story. Dog fighting is appalling and really heartbreaking that some humans treat man’s best friend this way. I’m so glad Scrappy crossed your path and wasn’t abused like that. I agree dogs and humans can save each other 🙂

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