#16 Today I’m Grateful For

It’s been a long time since I’ve written in my gratitude diary. My personal blog in general has been left by the wayside, but I’m hoping now I’ve cancelled my domain name and regained privacy, I’ll start writing more. I’m tired and have felt disconnected today, so it’s a good day to think about the... Continue Reading →


Through the Looking Glass Mosaic

This was a fun little mosaic to make, measuring 29cm in diameter. I worked on it whilst waiting on a stained glass order, and contemplating colours, for my upcoming Pond Life mosaic. I didn’t want this one to be too busy, so decided on a simple design with just a little bling with the glass... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Dragonfly

The Rainbow Dragonfly was a commissioned piece, requested by a fellow blogger who became friend - Rory, from A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip. Rory has been a big supporter of mine since the inception of my blogging days, so it’s been a real privilege being asked to create not just one, but two... Continue Reading →

Star Bright

"Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight." I’ve had this star shaped base from when I first started mosaics, and seeing the finished mosaic makes me think of how much I’ve learned and how much my comfort zone has... Continue Reading →

Semi-colon Mosaic Complete

Grouted, sealed and frame painted, Semi-colon is now for sale. 18" x 24" $320 including postage within Australia. Comes ready to hang on a timber frame. Made using a colourful variety of glass gems, glitter tiles, silverfoil tiles, ceramic dots and triangles, stained glass, regalia glass, mirror tiles, glass melts, glass tiles, ceramic sticks, millefiori,... Continue Reading →

Spectrum – For Sale

I'm really pleased with how Spectrum has turned out, although I ended up making some changes to the original outline design to make it my own. I'm enjoying making these abstract pieces that are bright and colourful and full of life. I'm becoming more comfortable with using bold colours and think I've found my favourite... Continue Reading →


I’ve begun work on my next mosaic, ‘Spectrum’. The inspiration for this one has come from Julie Edmunds ‘Head Dress’. I admire Julie’s colourful work and aspire one day to have that talent with use of colour. I do love using bold, vibrant colours and varied tesserae types, and have just had some regalia glass... Continue Reading →

Mosaic for Thundabox

I'm making this mosaic for a friend of mine going back to my teenage years. Pete and another old friend, Michael, are in a punk rock band called Thundabox. They've released a couple of albums and were part of the pub band scene for many years. Pete's been a great supporter of my mosaics so... Continue Reading →

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